TPA sponsoring International Conference on Controlling

30. October 2018 | Reading Time: 3 Min

The largest gathering on controlling in 2018, organized by consulting company Kontroling Kognosko and Lider business magazine this year is supported by TPA Croatia.

Controlling – Where the Difference Makes a Difference

15th November 2018 | The Westin Hotel, Zagreb

  • What are the aspects of different controlling tools
  • How to discover the perfect formula for controlling and the company as a whole
  • How controlling can help create diversity within the company
  • What are the newest achievements in the field of company and organization management
  • How to successfully beat the growing competition

Conference aim

Traditionally, the aim of the conference is to forecast the newest trends in the world of controlling. Croatia has the capacity to develop controlling as quickly and thoroughly as the most advanced economies of the world. We have a strong IT platform, many options for professional development and, most importantly, we have a growing awareness about the necessity of controlling in business today. That is why we bring to Zagreb the best examples of the world’s practice. The know‐how is here, it just needs to be implemented.

This year’s conference participants from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will share their experiences with their Croatian colleagues.

ICV – Internationaler Controller Verain (International Association of Controllers) has been actively engaged in expanding the know‐how about controlling throughout the world. It is the largest association of managers and controllers and it is sponsoring the Croatian conference which became a member of European ICV controlling conferences six years ago.


This year’s conference is dedicated to all aspects of different tools in controlling, the positive changes they bring, as well as numerous possibilities of different approaches to management. To be able to differ good from bad, right from wrong, sustainable from unsustainable, and, finally, profitable from unprofitable is the aim and the sole purpose of controlling. To find the difference, to be and act differently is the winning formula of controlling and of the company as a whole. Those who manage this can expect results that differ from the average, the usual. Controlling can, by and large, help create differences in the whole company – if you can see what no one else can, if you take a different path and dare think outside the box.

This is going to be the main topic of the 6th international ICV controlling conference. Presentations from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will demonstrate how controlling can be an example of something different, better and more advanced and, consequently, how it can initiate the quality changes in a company.

Additional events

Traditionally the most prominent controlling event is now enriched by the Award for the Best Controlling Project. The best team will have the chance to present itself and demonstrate its achievements regarding development of controlling in the company they work for. The award is organized like other ICV awards to their members for the best controlling project in order to stimulate controllers to further develop in their field.

What are the key benefits for participants

At the international conference for controllers, the participants will have the opportunity to see and hear about the latest achievements in the field of company and organization management. Significant and fast changes on the markets force companies to arm themselves with data which enable them to adapt to changes more easily and to successfully beat their competitors. Because of this, the importance of observing other practices and finding out if they came up with better solutions and better ways of management is becoming a necessity, not just another possibility. Each year, this conference brings more and more concrete examples from best business practice.

Who the conference is intended for

Company owners; top managers; sales marketing, purchasing and industrial managers; , all levels of controllers; analysts; planners; accounting and financial managers; IT experts working on business solutions as a support to controlling (BI, DW, planning).

Official languages

Croatian and English (simultaneous translation is ensured).