Facts & Figures

TPA is one of the leading consulting companies in Central and South Eastern Europe. We have approximately 1,500 employees in thirty locations in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

TPA Croatia

Our services include tax advisory, accounting, audit and advisory in Croatia. Highest quality, on-going development of our know-how and a particular understanding for the situation and needs of our clients are important features of our work.

TPA is a member of Baker Tilly International, a worldwide association of legally independent tax consultants, auditors and business consultants. This network has over 700 offices in more than 100 countries and approximately 31,000 employees and is one of the Top Ten consultancy networks worldwide With our network we can provide our clients with high quality, professional services in all economically significant cities and regions around the globe.

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