TPA’s Code of Conduct

Our Promise and our values.

The story of the TPA Group‘s success and growth reflects the story of our Clients‘ success and growth. The basis for this sustainable, positive development was, and is, high-quality work coupled with professional, social and entrepreneurial competence that enables our Partners and Employees to recognize and fulfil the wishes and needs of our Clients correctly and at the right time.

Our work is based on values which are actually a matter of course for us. With the Code of Ethics the TPA Senior Management is making its commitment to these values clear and is presenting them in concrete, unambiguous terms for all Stakeholders. In this way we are ensuring that the legal and regulatory framework is adhered to within the Company.

At the same time we are demonstrating our responsibility for our Clients, society and the environment.

Honest and legally correct conduct is thereby the benchmark for our actions and our daily cooperation.


TPA’s Code of Conduct