IBSA 2019: Structuring International Real Estate


November 2019
The Berkley, London


IBSA 2019: Structuring International Real Estate

21.11.2019 – 21.11.2019

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Structuring International Real Estate Conference 2019

The International Business Structuring Association (IBSA) is organising their 2019 Annual Conference on Thursday 21st November in Londonwhere we will be examining how the fictitious case study involving the SIRE Fund requires the creation of an international structure for its real estate projects, reviewing the complexities of the many different tax issues affecting these developments, and the various methods of financing the SIRE Fund’s business strategy.

SIRE Fund: Investing in global buy-to-let holiday homes

The concept of the SIRE Fund is to attract investors wishing to have an interest in global buy-to-let holiday homes. The Fund, through its SPV subsidiaries, will acquire hotels, mansion houses and development sites with the intention of developing apartments with centralised leisure facilities, operated by a world-renowned holiday home resort property company.

Alternative Financing for international real estate projects

Considering alternative financing techniques, the Fund will offer its own cryptocurrency to finance the acquisition, with each holder entitled to a discount on the advertised weekly rental of any apartment developed by the Fund. With developments being considered in the European Union, the UK and the US, the conference will explore the complexities of different taxes relevant for acquisitions by the Fund’s non-resident SPVs of immovable property in another country. With sessions examining real estate development strategies, corporate residence and re-domiciliation, various methods of financing the Fund’s business strategy, substance and the MLI, and personal tax residence concerns, the conference will identify a range of issues for both entrepreneurs and professional advisors.

Real Estate Strategies & Tax Issues

  • European Market Overview
  • Asset v Share Deals
  • Tax Optimisation

Our real estate fund expert Gerald Kerbl, Partner at TPA Austria and Andreas Griesbach, his colleague from Baker Tilly Germany will show the complexities of different taxes of Real Estate projects in Europe, compare Asset vs Share Deals at Real Estate transactions and give some expert insights on how to optimise your tax situation.

IBSA 2019 Structuring International Real Estate (SIRE) Conference

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