Criminal Tax Law Advising

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When it comes to criminal proceedings involving financial affairs, knowledgeable experts are in the best position to represent your interests. Time and again in these matters both clients and courts come back to seek the opinion of the experts at TPA Horwath.
In the field of criminal proceedings involving financial affairs, we can offer you support with the following services:

  • Defence in regulatory administrative actions (assessment against the relevant criminal laws, written approval of affairs, record inspection, effecting the discontinuation of an action, acceleration of proceedings, appellate proceedings)
  • Voluntary Disclosure (both preparation and procedural implementation)
  • Representation in coercive (home searches, seizures, opening of bank accounts), administrative and judicial proceedings (requests for information, ADG compliance, opening of bank accounts)
  • Resolution of tax and criminal financial matters.
  • Risk analysis of tax arrangements under the criminal law (circle of offenders, syndicate liability, possible sanctions and overall liabilities)
  • Expert opinions on financial criminal law (effective voluntary disclosure, determination of tax reduction opportunities, etc)
  • Prevention and compliance advice – guidelines and concepts for the avoidance of criminal penalties for business financing.
  • Support of defence attorneys in judicial proceedings.